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By: Q. Baldar, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

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Long axis of the vagina Normal (anteverted 50mg glyset overnight delivery, anteflexed) Retroflexion Retroversion B Retroversion of plain muscle and connective tissue and vary considerably in thickness cost of glyset. They are most remarkably hypertrophied in the presence of large fibroids when they may attain a diameter of 1 cm cheap glyset 50 mg on line. They correspond developmentally to the gubernaculum testis and are morphologically continuous with the ovarian ligaments cheap 50mg glyset with mastercard, as during intrauterine life the ovarian and round ligaments are continuous and connect the lower pole of the primitive ovary to the inguinal canal. There is no evidence that the normal position of anteflexion and anteversion of the uterus is produced by contraction of the round ligaments. The ligaments, however, may be shortened by operation or they may be attached to the anterior abdominal wall, both procedures being used to cause anteversion in a uterus which is pathologically retroverted. The round ligaments are supplied by a branch of the ovarian artery derived from its anastomosis with the uterine artery, hence the necessity for ligation of the round ligament during hysterectomy. Along it lymphatic vessels pass from the fundus, which connect with those draining the labium majus into the inguinal glands. This explains the possibility of metastases in these glands in late cases of cancer of the endometrium of the fundus. The ovarian ligaments pass upwards and inwards from the inner poles of the ovaries to reach the cornua of the uterus (Figure 1. They lie beneath the posterior peritoneal fold of the broad ligament and measure about 2. Like the round ligaments, they consist of plain muscle fibres and connective tissue, but they are not so prominent because they contain less plain muscle tissue. They are morphologically a continuation of the round ligament (contents of broad ligaments are listed in Table 1. Infundibulopelvic ligament is that portion of the broad ligament that extends from the infundibulum of the fallopian tube to the lateral pelvic wall. Mesovarium attaches the ovary to the posterior fold of peritoneum of the broad ligament and contains vessels, lymphatics and nerves of the ovary. Mesosalpinx lies between the fallopian tube and the ovary and contains the anastomotic vessels between the ovary and uterus and the vestigial structures of the Wolffian body and the duct (see section on the Ovaries). It is also the narrowest part, its internal diameter being 1 mm or less so that only the finest cannula can be passed into it during falloscopy examination. There are no longitudinal muscle fibres here but the circular fibres are well developed (Figure 1. The isthmus comprises the next and inner part of the tube and represents about one-third of the total length, i. It is narrow but a little wider than the interstitial part and its lumen has a diameter of 2 mm. Its muscle wall contains both longitudinal and circular fibres, and it is covered by peritoneum except for a small inferior bare area related to the broad ligament. The ampulla is the lateral, widest and longest part of the tube and comprises roughly two-thirds of the tube, measuring 2. The fimbriated extremity or infundibulum is where the abdominal ostium opens into the peritoneal cavity. The fimbriae are motile and almost prehensile, and enjoy a considerable range of movement and action. One fimbria-the ovarian fimbria-is larger and longer than Fallopian Tubes Each fallopian tube (Figures 1. The fallopian tube measures 4 inch (10 cm) or more in length and approximately 8 mm in diameter, but the diameter diminishes near the cornu of the uterus to 1 mm. The interstitial portion is the innermost part of the tube which traverses the myometrium to open into the endometrial cavity. This fimbria embraces the ovary at ovulation, picks up the ovum and carries it to the ampullary portion. Fluids such as dyes and gases such as carbon dioxide may be injected through the uterus and by way of the fallopian tubes into the peritoneal cavity, and by these means the patency of the fallopian tubes can be investigated clinically by dye test (Figure 1.

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Radiologic imaging may be indicated for suspicion of a foreign body order glyset 50mg otc, joint space involvement cheap glyset 50mg overnight delivery, osteomyelitis purchase glyset american express, fracture order glyset 50 mg fast delivery, or underlying injury. In patients presenting with a laceration as a minor part of their overall condition. Laceration repair Devitalized tissue Crush, blast, or high speed missile injuries impart large forces to tissues and can cause necrosis of dermal and subcutaneous structures. Necrotic tissue can serve as a nidus for infection and impede normal tissue healing. Devitalized tissue should be debrided conservatively to preserve as much viable tissue as possible. This places the healing wound under less tension, and affords a cosmetic surgeon the most flexibility if subsequent wound revision is necessary. General treatment principles Methods of wound closure There are multiple methods available for repair once the wound has been adequately assessed and the decision to repair has been made. Suturing Basic suturing supplies consist of needle drivers, tissue forceps (or skin hook), scissors, sterile drapes, sterile gloves, suture materials (Table C. Some approaches have specific advantages which may benefit certain laceration types. To begin the suturing process, the needle is attached to the needle driver which is placed in the palm of the dominant hand. In this position, the needle can be rotated along an imaginary axis, and optimal operator ergonomics are possible. An alternate method is to place the tips of the thumb and ring digits into the rings of the handle. Edge eversion is needed for vertical tissue alignment along dermal layers to optimize wound cosmesis. Simple interrupted the simple interrupted is the most frequently used stitch in wound approximation (Figure C. With Appendices 717 Referral and consultation guidelines When the history and physical examination is complete, the provider should determine if she or he possesses the skill necessary to proceed with the repair. Adequate wound preparation should take place prior to the referral, and a clean, dry dressing should be applied. Wound characteristics that should be considered for consultation and referral are noted in Table C. Five knots are needed to secure nylon sutures, while three throws are generally adequate for braided, soft sutures. When the knot is finished, it should be gently retracted to one side of the wound. This is to keep the knot from serving as a nidus of contamination, or from impinging on the healing wound tissue, making an unsightly divot in the final scar (Figure C. Cosmetically important areas may require a smaller suture interval for better appearance. There should be a consistent relationship between needle entry point and suture interval. Horizontal mattress the horizontal mattress suture is used to close a wound under mild to moderate tension. It is an especially useful alternative to two-layer closure in a patient who is at high risk for developing a wound infection. Its proper placement disperses tensile forces over a larger area, providing better perfusion of healing wound edges (Figure C. The needle is then driven through the opposing side of the laceration with extreme care to meticulously approximate each Appendices Laceration repair Figure C. Notice that the initial knot has two throws on the bottom and a single throw on top. This facilitates keeping tension in the suture in order to keep the wound margins together.

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This short course gives quick and successful results cheap 50mg glyset with visa, prevents emergence of drug-resistant bacilli 50 mg glyset fast delivery. Ethambutol should not be administered for a longer period as it may affect the vision (optic neuritis) and cause skin rash generic glyset 50 mg amex. The oral contraceptives are not effective in the presence of rifampicin buy glyset 50 mg online, as the latter interferes with their absorption. Only those who have fever and abdominal pain are admitted to the hospital in the initial stages of the treatment. It covered 87% population with 72% detection rate and 86% treatment success, with a sevenfold decline death rate from 29% to 4%. First 2 months n n n n Chemotherapy the first line of treatment is with antitubercular drugs (Table 14. Capreomycin Kanamycin Ethionamide para-Aminosalicylic acid Cycloserine Next 4 months-continue with Rifampicin and Isoniazid (same dose) three times a week. Resistant Cases (8 months course) First 2 months-streptomycin three times a week 1 4 doses as above Third month-4 drugs as above Next 3 months-Isoniazid, rifampicin, ethambutol (same dose) three times a week. In Vitro Fertilization Women successfully treated for genital tuberculosis are now offered assisted reproduction by in vitro fertilization. Key Points Surgery Indications of surgery are progression of the disease, persistent active lesion, persistence of large inflammatory masses, i. Contraindications to surgery are active lesions elsewhere in the body and plastic adhesions of bowels. Surgery should be preceded by several weeks of chemotherapy, followed by a full course of chemotherapy. Types of surgery n n n n n n n n n n Total hysterectomy with removal of ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Any surgery on the tube to improve fertility would cause reactivation of the disease. A yearly or when indicated earlier curettage should be carried out to check for any reactivation. Hysterosalpingogram is however not advisable, as it may reactivate the dormant infection. Surgery may be required if the disease persists and does not respond to drugs, and the treatment is hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and removal of tubo-ovarian mass in a young woman. Pregnancy rate following treatment is only 10%, of which one-third abort and another 50% develop ectopic pregnancy. High degree of suspicion is required in an asymptomatic woman, especially in an infertile woman. They need to be recognized and repaired immediately to avoid bleeding, infection, painful scar and symptoms related to the associated injury to the neighbouring structure. Obstetric Injuries Most injuries of the female genital tract occur during childbirth. In a normal delivery, the circular fibres which surround the external cervical os are torn laterally on each side so that an anterior and a posterior lip of the cervix become differentiated. As a result of stretching, the vagina becomes more patulous, and through laceration the hymen is subsequently represented by irregular tags of skin termed the carunculae myrtiformes. A superficial laceration of the perineal skin of the first degree is common even in uncomplicated deliveries. In abnormal labour and when obstetrical manipulations have been carried out, or as a result of inexpert technique, injuries of the birth canal are frequent. Severe lacerations of the perineum are perhaps the most common form of birth injury. Tears of the vagina may be caused by rotation of the head with forceps or may take the form of extension of tears either of the perineum or the cervix. Severe lacerations of the cervix are usually caused by violent uterine contractions at the end of the first stage of labour; others result from the delivery of a posterior position of the occiput and some from cervical dystocia.

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Although acute nephrolithiasis (kidney stone) may present with severe cheap generic glyset canada, incapacitating pain generic 50mg glyset free shipping, the majority of patients will spontaneously pass their stone without surgical intervention purchase glyset 50mg without a prescription. The finding of severe pain "out of proportion" to physical examination is worrisome for mesenteric ischemia purchase cheap glyset on line. Parietal peritoneal pain is aggravated by movement, such as hitting bumps on the car ride to the hospital or with walking. The pain of peptic ulcer disease typically improves with eating, whereas biliary colic worsens with meals. Pain accentuated by reclining and relieved by sitting upright should raise suspicion for a retroperitoneal process such as pancreatitis. Abdominal pain relieved by vomiting suggests a gastric or proximal bowel problem, whereas relief of pain after a bowel movement suggests a colonic process. It has been reported that prior pain events occur in up to 71% of patients with cholecystitis and in 18% of patients with appendicitis. Abdominal pain Associated symptoms Gastrointestinal Ask about nausea, vomiting, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea or bleeding. Nausea and vomiting may result from irritation of intra-abdominal organs or obstruction of an involuntary muscular tube. Consequently, nausea and vomiting are common to many abdominal processes, including appendicitis. However, vomiting may also be slight or absent from many serious surgical conditions (ectopic pregnancy, intussusception). The temporal relationship of abdominal pain and vomiting is another key historical finding. Classically, patients with appendicitis or other surgical causes of abdominal pain develop pain prior to vomiting. Any child presenting with bilious vomiting raises concern for an acute bowel obstruction. Constipation and diarrhea occur with equal frequency (15% of cases) in appendicitis. Bloody diarrhea is suggestive of inflammatory bowel disease or infectious enterocolitis. A bloody or "currant jelly" (blood and mucus) stool may indicate intussusception, although this is generally a late finding. Failure to pass flatus or feces could be associated with an intestinal obstruction. Gross hematuria may indicate bladder irritation (infection, tumor) or nephrolithiasis. Previous gynecologic history including surgeries, previous pregnancies and infections are also important to identify. Painful menses in a patient without a history of dysmenorrhea should raise concern for a serious gynecologic condition. Ectopic pregnancy should be considered in all female patients between the ages of 9 and 50 years with abdominal pain. Pregnancy not only alters the diagnostic possibilities of a patient with acute abdominal pain but can also change the clinical findings. Past medical Previous abdominal surgery is an important risk factor for bowel obstruction due to adhesions. Alcohol consumption places patients at risk for pancreatitis, hepatitis or cirrhosis. Abdominal pain Physical examination the primary goal of the physical examination is to localize the organ system responsible for disease. It is important not only to examine the abdomen but other body areas as well that may provide clues to the etiology of the pain, especially the pelvic (women), genitourinary (men), back, and rectal areas. As a general rule, patients with pallor or distress are generally more acutely ill.